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TidalWave Productions’s Fantasy World of Bettie Page #1 – 4 (2016-2018) Comics Download & Read Online
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Fantasy World of Bettie Page #1 – 4 (2016-2018)

The Fantasy World of Bettie Page: Bettie Page and the Red Menace

“When you’re undercover, make the lie as close to the truth as possible.”

It’s 1955. In the aftermath of World War II, peace is subjective. The Red Scare casts a shadow on the free world.

A rogue military faction from the Soviet Union has discovered an alien object of incalculable destructive power buried in an underground Nazi research lab that could transform the Cold War into World War III. The United States must enlist the aid of a woman whose particular set of skills, moxie, and notoriety just may prove to be the edge they need:

The notorious fetish model, Bettie Page.

But will she play nice?

Called to appear as a witness for the infamous indecency hearings in 1955, Bettie catches the eye of General Kostov, who now possesses the weapon Nazi scientists were developing. She also has the full attention of the U.S. government. Desperate to place an agent inside Kostov’s personal entourage, a secret organization reviews her real-life escapades and decides that enlisting her would be helpful in stopping this threat to national security.

Bettie’s particular set of skills, her brashness, her celebrity and notoriety, and the belief that a woman of her stature would not be placed in a dangerous situation are necessary to complete the missions a trained operative can’t.

Collecting the hit miniseries from TidalWave Comics, this graphic novel promises to reveal the secret life of Bettie Page – she’s s secret agent!

Free TidalWave Productions’s Fantasy World of Bettie Page #1 – 4 (2016-2018) Comics Download & Read Online

Publisher TidalWave Productions
Written by Michael L. Frizell
Art by Marcelo Henrique Santana
Pencils by
Inks by
Colored by
Cover by
Language English
Genres Action/Adventure, Fantasy, Superhero
Page 98
Release Date January 9 2019
Size 99 MB

Fantasy World of Bettie Page #1 – 4 (2016-2018)

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